“We have a decade of site search experience – the Millinocket site is the best one we have come across” – Erik Heim – Chair of the Board and Co-founder


Site searches led to a unique development site in Millinocket, Maine, adjacent to Baxter State Park, pristine lakes, rivers, and mountains, and the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.


The RAS facility will be located on One North‘s industrial site. The executives in Great Northern Salmon have historical relations with the key stakeholders involved. The area will transform in the coming years with new industry, growing tourism, and a community welcoming new industrial development. Millinocket was once home to the world’s largest paper mill and next-generation industrial redevelopment is a top political priority in Maine.

The development site in Millinocket offers approximately 1.5 years “time to market” advantage and significant cost savings.

Unique site benefits

  • Access to carbon-free power (local hydro) onsite power with a strong ESG case, material cost savings on energy, and low connectivity costs.
  • Favorable long-term lease terms.
  • Simplified permitting with several permits in place just needing amendments. In addition, the site is a brownfield leading to significant political and local goodwill for development.
  • Multiple clean water resources – large quantities available.
  • Existing high-capacity discharge permit and infrastructure adjacent to the site.
  • No significant contamination on this site was detected– final environmental investigations will be concluded in September 2022.
  • Significantly reduced groundwork cost and schedule potential with lagoon already excavated down to 20+ feet in packed glacial till – eliminating blasting and excavation needs.
  • Ideal ground conditions to build on – little or no piling is likely required.
  • The site qualifies for a wide range of economic incentives. The area is classified as an Economic Opportunity Zone.

Recreation Opportunities

Millinocket is on the frontier of hundreds of thousands of acres of conserved land, and organizations and businesses are building front-country experiences to provide wild thrills and quiet spots for watching the sunset. There are endless outdoor adventure opportunities that make Millinocket a fantastic place to work, play and live. The area is internationally known for Class V white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, ATVing, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hunting, wildlife tours and photography, biking, hiking, camping, and dog sledding.

Vibrant Community

  • Extensive recreational opportunities and parks
  • Family-friendly community with affordable housing, good schools, New England’s best 4-season outdoor recreation
  • One hour from the UMaine / USDA aquaculture hub in Orono, Maine
  • Excellent healthcare facilities and community supports

There are many, many collaborations happening around town between businesses, municipal leaders, nonprofit organizations and institutions, working together to create economic opportunities and create a vibrant community that supports people of all ages in Millinocket.