Investor Relations

Great Northern Salmon is a privately held company that has worked closely with a number of its investors over the past year. We welcome dialogue with our investors.

We provide quarterly GAAP-compliant financials and management reports to our investors. Compliance and governance are central to our operations. 

Two seed financing rounds were raised by the company board and management in 2023. The board has varied financing backgrounds. The company has combined both debt and equity in capital raises to date and will continue to do so in the future. To date, the company is 100% financed by investors from the state of Maine, USA.

A professional investment bank has been engaged for future capital raises.

  • Our chosen location has existing environmental permits.
  • The site is pre-excavated to 20 feet on glacial till.
  • On-site water infrastructure and power access are available.
  • Re-use of an existing man-made structure with no vulnerable natural resources on site.
  • Located in an Economic Opportunity Zone Area.

The development is focused on robust design and operation practices to deliver on biomass targets, and thus financial metrics. This path involves high fish welfare and quality standards being integrated into every aspect of planning.

The company is developing one of the most solid and realistic investment cases into land-based salmon production in the US, backed by significant experience. It demonstrates that moderate-scale ambitions can be financially competitive with larger and riskier proposals. The company will be adding additional investors in 2024.

Reach out to us at upon interest in our company – our board and management are always happy to discuss our company and the segment.

IR Contact

Marianne Naess, CEO, Mobile +1 207 830 3118

Erik Heim, Chair of the Board, Mobile +1 207 830 3091